5 Guys. 5 Years. Less than 5 minutes

We are five friends who wanted to make a short film to push our animation to new levels and explore the art of storytelling. The story parallels our determination to work through adversities by finding unique solutions to reach our goal.

Over 5 years we worked remotely to craft the story, characters, animation, and post processes in an attempt to bring our vision to fruition.




Adam Koenig


Stories are really important to me. I’m awestruck by their ability to be thought experiments for: our psychology, social interaction, our own potential for both greatness and destruction, how they argue for Truth and the best/most meaningful way to live, and their unrelenting claim that relationship is the most meaningful thing in our lives. The study of storytelling has changed my life and inspired me to teach and tell good stories.


Preet Uppal


Animation has been a part of my life since I was very young, but it wasn’t ever something I thought I would be able to do myself. It was something that, when I was growing up, I thought others did, people who had talent and abilities that I could never possess. 

After having a few significant life events occur through my 20’s, and a healthy dose of encouragement from the love of my life,  I decided to go back to school and learn animation, and in doing so I gained some of the skills that I had admired for so long. Having continued to grow these abilities over the years that have passed since, I’ve gained a new appreciation for the animation art form, and in a broader sense the art of storytelling. Stories are powerful things that bring us as humans together and can be used to shape the world as we know it.


Jeb Cozby


My life long ambition is to create stories and characters that move people, and that seeks the truth. The idea of getting an audience to empathize and care about fictional characters simply made up of graphite, pixels, and clay fascinates me to no end.


Steven Jones


Steven is currently working in the Public Sector creating video and animation products to serve the people of Washington State. He draws inspiration from his fellow Snip crew, as well as his passion for animated films of all genres.


Diony Lopez


I just like to make stuff move.

No, but seriously what I really love about making things move is character animation - using my imagination to inject motion into characters to make them relate-able and entertaining to watch. What gives me the most satisfaction is seeing people get excited about what they see on screen.